Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Number 41

Day 7: One of my favorite experiences of the trip. We spent the day visiting the girls of No. 41 and the associated feeding program.  No. 41 is a ministry that provides employment for girls who used to live at Noel Orphanage and helps them transition into life outside of the orphanage whether that be university or employment or both.  No. 41 gives these young women an opportunity to learn a skill, (sewing) and at the same time gives them the ability to help a local school in their community through a feeding program. Check out the video :)

Journal entry day 7:
This morning we went to the school associated with the feeding program & No. 41. No. 41 agreed to feed the kids from this school a few years ago and it started out with 250 kids and grew to around 1,500.  It was so crazy, when we pulled up in our bus, it felt like hundreds of children were rushing toward us.  It was probably the most amazing thing ever.  I wish I could have hugged every one of them.  I always wonder what the kids we visit are thinking when they see us, like "what the heck are these people in Keens doing here" but I do know, wherever we've gone, they love to be hugged & held, and they love being tickled and chased around...and they really love "selfies" & then seeing themselves in the picture which makes them practically fall on the ground laughing which makes me fall on the ground laughing and it's hilarious and adorable. 
We met the director of the feeding program and he was yet another selfless Rwandan leader who amazed & inspired me. We got a tour of the school and ate the food the kids get which is like a bean/cabbage mush, high in protein & vitamins. 
This afternoon we visited No. 41 and got to meet several of the girls that work there. They sang and danced for us and of course and we did the same for them.  It was great, I love how we sing and dance wherever we go to break the ice.  It works so well!  It's like, when we're singing and dancing, we're speaking the same language and I love that.  I went on a bit of a shopping spree at No. 41 but it was totally worth it knowing that just one of the $30 bags I bought pays for 100 meals at the feeding program, and after seeing all those little faces this morning and watching some of them eat... it was worth every penny and more.  It was amazing to meet the girls, see where they sew and experience the positive impact this ministry has had on the girls and the children in the feeding program.  We will be spending more time here over the next few days. 


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