Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello Summer

Goodbye Donyes...

Philipians 1:3 I thank my God upon my remembrance of you. 
Our KC small group leaders of 2 years and forever wonderful friends are moving to Branson, Missouri to start an incredible program called Link Year, a program geared towards equipping young leaders, just out of high school, to enter their adult life with godly direction, wisdom, confidence and a passion for our savior. We will miss them!

At the Donyes farewell get together. Julie's delicious cookies and beautiful display. This was my first attempt at baking a cake! White chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. My kitchen was a complete disaster. Samson somehow had flour on his nose and head but I think it turned it out okay...except that the middle of the cake kind of sunk in...I'll have to work on that one. 

Hello Board Exams...

Andrew has been diligently studying. He has not said hello to summer quite yet. 

Welcome back Fro Yo...

Samson and I soaking up the sun and enjoying some fro yo at Yogurtini. Can't wait for Andrew's Board Exams to be over so he can join us :) 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love Art

If you know me you know that the whole arts and crafts thing has never come easily to me. Kansas City, with it's strong artistic culture, has inspired to me step out of my comfort zone and start being artsy! Not sure what "being artsy" entails but some of my first attempts have been inside our cozy little duplex that was build in 1908. Because our KC home is legitimately vintage, I've attempted to go along with the vintage theme. 

Here are some of my first projects:

Bought an old empty wood frame and an old torn up book of hymns at an antique store. Got four cardboard letters, modge podged the old hymn music on the letters, hung them by yarn inside the frame and hung it on the wall in our room!

Wanted to put something else in those big candle holders to fill up the space. Got 3 different sizes of styrofoam balls, 3 different shades and textures of neutral colored yarn and made yarn balls as the filler! 

Our scary basement has piles of old wood for some reason. Andrew dug around and found four unique pieces wood and put them together to make a big empty frame. Got 2 wicker wreaths and hung them by ribbon inside the frame.  

I have really enjoyed the idea of reclaiming antique objects and using them for an uncommon purpose. Here is some of our antique decor!

Vintage glass medicine bottles turned into little flower vases

Vintage door used as wall decor 

 Early 1900s medical school anatomy chart used as wall decor

Vintage trunk used as a coffee table

This weekend I went to a Kansas City art show in the West Bottoms with some of my work girls! They are beautiful, encouraging and supportive and I am so blessed to see them every day!