Monday, November 14, 2011

Favorite Places in KC

After living in KC for 2 1/2 years now, there are several places that have become my absolute favorite! If you come and visit there is a high possibility that we will end up at one of these places. These pictures have been taken over the past few years in KC. Favorite place number 1 is...

Good JuJu
Kansas City has alot of neat antique shops but Good JuJu surpasses them all. It's only open once a month and it's made up of 20 different unique vendors. Our little home has many Good JuJu finds! 

Our favorite breakfast spot that happens to be conveniently located one block over from our home! It's an eclectic little hole in wall place that we love. Andrew's favorite dish: The Burrito of Love. And my favorite dish: The Kitchen Sink

I have never had fro yo as good as this. When Bexy came to KC to visit, this was our first stop. Samson loves it too! Too many yummy flavors to say my favorite.

Loose Park
The Fall leaves are beautiful here. It's a great spot to go for a wog (that's a walk/jog) or have a picnic. 

Memorial Park
This one is right by our house. This is Samson's favorite place to take a walk and a beautiful place to take fun pictures. 

Nelson-Atkins Park
Right by the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. Clearly this is the best park to run and play! 

My very favorite place.



  1. i feel good about having visited every one of these places with you! LOVE YOU jenny! and your favorite KC places! (what about the asian restaurant?! i loved that place!!! ;))

  2. Aww Bexy you HAVE been to every one of these places!! I love that!!! You make them even more special. Oh yes, LuLu's!! That is def another fav. Need to add that one to the list for sure.