Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Snowy Saturday

I always get this excited/nervous feeling when I hear snow is coming. Growing up in Texas, those mornings that you wake up, peek outside your window, and discover a winter wonderland, were far and few between, but here in Dayton, Ohio, we have already seen that there is no shortage of snow and I'm excited for the many winter wonderlands to come!

This snowy Saturday was off to a great start when we traveled to a nearby Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own tree, something I had never done before. I was super giddy about this experience and couldn't help but to frolic, skip & weave in and out of all the trees as we were trying to pick which one we would chop down and take home. 

The day continued to get better when our Baylor Bears played their last game ever in Floyd Casey Stadium, sported the coolest 1950s throwback uniforms, stomped UT, and won the Big 12 Championship!!! BCS bowl here we come!!!

The day ended on a high note with A's ENT Christmas party. Andrew feels extremely blessed to be a part of of this incredible group of surgeons and he is truly learning from and working with the best. In addition to being a talented and smart group of docs, this group knows how to have some serious fun!  

ENT Residents
Residents & Attending Physicians 

Ready for another snowy Saturday! 


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