Saturday, November 9, 2013

Britters in Dayton

It's November, the month of thankfulness and I am so thankful to have spent last weekend with one of my dearest friends Britters. I'm really thankful she actually made it to Dayton from Chicago considering she encountered many obstacles along the way such as flat tires, tow trucks, motor homes on the highway, police men with guns, no coffee filters at the tow truck place, detours etc...but don't let the blonde hair and sweet smile fool you, this girl can hold her own, and if I were ever to be stranded on the highway somewhere in Indiana, I would want to be stranded with Britters because she's guaranteed to have a homemade mixed berry pie on hand :) 

Here are a few pics from our lovely weekend together.

Photo Opp at Press 
Sloan Boutique in Cincy 
Hula hooping at Rhinegesit 
Exploring the Oregon District

Come back soon Britters!!


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