Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brightened Spirit

Two weeks ago, just when my soul was in deep need of friends, Rebes & Ash road tripped from Chicago to my front porch and saved the day! These spunky, free spirited, lovers of life came zooming into Dayton, Ohio and instantly brightened my spirit with their squeals, hugs, laughter and these beautiful purple Celosias in a shiny gold Anthro pot.

"I was once told that the mark of deep friendship is someone you simply want to grocery shop with."
-Rebecca Win Goldstein from Midwest at Heart

Not sure how it's possible to have so much fun searching for the perfect bacon at the grocery store, or running around the city in the pouring rain, but with Rebes and Ash all things fun are possible :)
 The weather may have been overcast but there was not one gloomy moment of this weekend! 

The rain did not stop us from walking in it...

or go exploring the city in it...

...and it certainly encouraged us to snuggle, sleep in, drink lots of coffee, talk for hours in the breakfast nook, watch all of our favorite "So You Think You Can Dance" performances, and talk for more hours.

I am so blessed by the friendship of these two delightful women of God and if you're a godly guy, and you're single, you are 100% crazy if you have not taken one of these amazing, gorgeous girls out on a date ;) 


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    How could I leave that out of my post??!
    This was the BEST weekend... always refreshing to my spirit dear Jenny.
    and I love that photo of Ash and Sampson... They are besties at heart! :)