Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Great Gatsby NYE 2013

This weekend, we traveled back to 1922, the year of Great Gatsby. In a little home in the heart of Chicago, the roaring 20s came back to life in an epic new years event. We welcomed 2013 with the class and style of the era but most importantly with  people we adore. It felt as if the Great Gatsby hosted the party himself but instead, the vision belonged to the lovely hostess Rebecca Win Goldstein.  Andrew and I traveled by train from KC to Chi to be with our dear friends Brittany, Rebecca, & Larry. Last year we celebrated New Years together in KC in the form of Glitter Twenty Twelve so we were excited to continue the tradition. This whirlwind of a weekend included adventures in the city, macaroons, chocolate cake, sheep fur, jamin to the Lumineers, the bean, wicker park, falling asleep on the couch, scary movies, and just being together. Another part of the weekend included transforming Rebie's home from cozy and clean to glam & gold.  Needless to say, we had a memorable weekend and cherished every minute of it. 

On the train ride home A & I made a little video recapturing one of the highlights of the party...the photo booth of course! 


party pics...
Hello Darling
Aud Lang Syne
Happy New Year!

playing in the city...
The Bean 
The Best

Stay classy Chi!


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