Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Well, here goes another post about the weekend. I really just love weekends and could make them my full time job ;) This weekend was especially lovely because A is home, the weather was perfect and the city is noisy and alive! I know we at least have one more year in Kansas City but I'm starting to get that feeling that you get senior year of college...not "senioritis"...but just the opposite... the feeling that you're not ready to leave a place you have grown to love or the people that you adore.  So I am soaking in every lovely moment that we have in KC! 

Saturday morning trip to the Farmers Market to get fresh flowers and produce. I love being with A. 

It's so cute how he hangs over the balcony like that to check out what's goin on down below. Just please don't jump off Sammy! 

Tried out a new spot in KC with Kayla called Little Freshie! It's an adorable little soda shop & espresso bar in one of my favorite little areas just South of downtown. Love this chica and her precious little girls.  I hope her godly wisdom and peaceful spirit will rub off on me! 

The weather was so beautiful this weekend it called for firing up the grill and eating on our back patio Friday and Saturday night! 

Thanks to Papa Paul for hand crafting our new rockin Baylor washer boards! Sic 'em! 

A planted some beautiful flowers in pots and brought color & life to our little duplex. 
Refreshed by the blessings of the Lord and ready for the week! 


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  1. this DOES look lovely.
    the question is.... do you have a new table color?!?!