Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

The Brochu's lake house is one of my favorite places in the world to be. This weekend the lake was especially wonderful because A has been doing a rotation in Texas for a whole month so I was so excited to get to Texas, see my hubby and get some sun! I can't imagine a more perfect weekend than a weekend that includes long boat rides with Papa Paul as the boat driver/tour guide, ridding with A on the jet ski, scared out of my mind cause we're going way too fast & jumping big waves, anchoring at sandy beach & eating a yummy lunch on the back of the boat, relaxing in the hot sun & playing frisbee in the water, good long conversations with Mama Becky, mornings with Ellen sitting on the porch, drinking coffee & looking over the water, amazing meals prepared by Mama Becky & Papa Paul, dance parties on the boat with Meredith, washer tournaments & tennis matches with the Andrew & Meredith Sherwood team, canoeing around the lake, playing rummy cube with Mimi, and most of all just being with people I love. This Memorial Day weekend included all of these things making it the perfect weekend. 


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