Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twenty Twelve

This weekend we were so blessed to have our dear friends Rebecca, Brittany, Larry and Micah come visit us in KC! We hold tight in our hearts a year spent as roommates and neighbors in Waco, TX. The bonding experience we shared has kept us close even 4 years later. Here is how we welcomed Twenty Twelve!

Watching our Bears win the Alamo Bowl!! Sic'em!!

Making memories...

And more memories...

Coffee, blueberry pie, coffee, chocolate, coffee, gummies and did I mention coffee?



Getting ready for New Years!

And finally...

4 years ago...

And today...

4 years ago and today, cheers to our friends who have been there all the way. 
You are in our prayers through thick and thin, and we pray that in your hearts our Savior will always win. 
Never lose sight of who you are, with Him by your side, you will go so far. So when all that glitters fades away, set your eyes on Him, because He will never stray. 

To our GLITTERING future.


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  1. wow. well Jenny, you almost made me cry- thank you for putting this together! it is another reminder that i am beyond blessed to have each of you in my life. you are all rare finds and i am thankful God has allowed our friendships to continue throughout the years. cannot wait till the next reunion! until then, may God bless you and may you remain close to His heart. cheers to our GLITTERING future! much love.